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Absolutely fantastic course! John is such a fantastic teacher, he is relaxed and goes straight to the point. He covers complex subjects with ease and you understand all what he is saying! If you want to demystify RoR, this course is for you! I can't wait to get more courses from John!
-Geoffroy Givry

Loved your course #RubyonRails for #WebDevelopment - was my first Rails app I ever built...now I'm hooked!!
-Sandy Hogan

A very informative and insightful course led by a very passionate instructor. Thank you, Mr. Elder for this wonderful learning experience.
-Soon Kheng Chan

If you've been anxious about learning Ruby on Rails because of its steep learning curve, or if you are disheartened by the rants of Rubyists to learn Ruby first before Rails, then John will show you that diving directly into RoR isn't too hard. Although you'll get overwhelmed every once in a while with terminologies and magic that the framework is known for, you'll eventually understand it after following John's course. So, this course pushes you from the ledge and teaches you how to fly.
-Gene Ryan Briones

This is my first online course and first programming course ever! I am so impressed with how informative the video is. For someone like me who has no background of programming at all, and be able to finish the course, anyone can do it! There will be some errors along the way, just be persistent and going back and forth on the video, eventually something will click. Apart from that, John also is very swift on replying, assisting and supporting me along the way. Thank you!!!

So far John's teaching is the easiest to understand that I've seen out there
-Tom Scarrella

Thanks for this tutorial it was awesome! Probably one of the best tutorials I've seen. John explains everything really well. Highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to get started with Ruby on Rails.

This is BY FAR the simplest, most understandable way to learn Ruby on Rails that I've experienced...Thank you thank you thank you...
-Jennifer K. Falk

Finally an easy to follow Ruby on Rails tutorial. John gives you a great primer in Rails development that you can use to create more complex projects.
-Rafid Hoda

Amazing course, easy to follow and instructor is pleasant to listen to!!! Have recommended this course to many people!
-Deana Louise Lawrence

Great course! I have been a self-taught programmer off and on for years and just recently decided to get more serious about it and have been focusing on Ruby. Decided to do this as a side project while learning more of the details about Ruby and RoR. This course was great to be able to work on and see how easy it is to get an app/project up and running and understanding a bunch of the concepts needed for basic projects. Thank you!!
-Sandra Hogan

Hi John, Have gone through your Thin Affiliate Site course twice which is absolutely great. I have learnt so much and have now setup my first site. Many thanks. Kind regards
-Barb Kirby

This is the kind of help I need, tailored to my needs. I thank you a whole bunch for your words of wisdom. Thanks again:-)
-Armando Oritz

Hello John, I have to say that I am utterly impressed…what I plan to do is to openly promote your services on our Web-Site…
-Kevin Green
CEO Cantufind.com

Hello John: OK, I'm impressed. I'm not used to anyone on the net actually being helpful. Thank you for helping.
-Jerrold H. Nelson

John, you have made my life so much easier in about 15 minutes!! And now, here I am ten times smarter after downloading your book!! How ingenious on many levels! Questions I had are now put into perspective~ I am ready to take charge so I thank you in advance…I am grateful to have found such a sincere person who tells it like it is. Truly hard to come by in this world… thanks.
-Kristen Chase Lauter
Art Wear By Kristen

Hi John, thanks for personally e-mailing me. I've been looking for a program like that for ever now. I'll give you five stars or two thumbs up for the program! Very Cool!
-Derek Roth

Hi John, I wan't to say that I love your books! They are easy to read and follow and they have got me bit by the affiliate marketer bug! I'm currently working on my first site, it's slow for me at first but I can see my improvements already. I wouldn't have even thought about this before but since reading your thick site guide I'm hooked! I currently own another ecommerce site but I bought the programming for it. I'm now writing my own scripts and excited to be doing so!
Thanks again John!
A Happy Customer
Mark —–

John Thanks allot for holding my hand through this! I am an animator not a web designer. Hope I did this right!
-Robert Kaplan

Hi John, believe me, I have read up on just about all the “big internet people” and despite their incomes, I haven't been too impressed with them. They all lack something,…I'm trying to think what it is as I'm typing this….I actually think there are two reasons: You really come across as wanting to help people be successful, and therefore you show people constructively, instead of giving them just part of the puzzle. The second reason is that you are not arrogant. Apparently success has not gone to your head. You can tell people you're successful because you are, and you have every right to do so. But you're
not over the top or arrogant about it. Yes, that sums it up…
Take care,
-Michele Miller

Hello John, I am impressed! I see that you are the kind of person I like to deal with. You seem honest, and sincere, and you have certainly hit on all the things I have already been doing to get ready to see my site grow. And the best of luck to your future! I see it is bright already.
-Keith Hansford

I am over the moon with this product(especially the Link popularity), I'm actually a mainframe programmer and I think your submission tool/utilities are really great…a refreshing change to get a quality product from the net. I actually run three small consultancy companies and I am always being asked about Internet related subjects so at least I can talk about one that actually delivers… Keep up the good work and mainly keep the tips coming.. Rgds,
-Martin Kirkham

Hi John, Your software is a great success, I've already noticed increased traffic! …once again Top software!! many thanks.
-Scott Allan

Hi love your book it is helping me alot i am only 15 and i have a web site out there and it is doing fairly well thanks alot!!!!!!
-Stephen Shamakian

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Hi again John. …your software – I think it will save A LOT of time as I try to get this new site up to the top ranking. My friends and I are pretty profficient at search engine ranking and know the tweeks and fixes that should be done on sites to get them up there. But, as I said, the manual submission process takes time. That's where I think your software will give me the most value.

Hi …your software is undoubtedly the best I have seen. I have downloaded demos of all other software and I am just in awe at the sheer brilliance of your products. Thanks once again for all your assistance. As a newbie to internet marketing would it be possible for you to give me some pointers in internet advertising? I realize how busy you are but I will appreciate every bit of experience from someone like you who is very professional and experienced. I have ordered Submission Spider and Yip Submit from you which I am thoroughly enjoying . I have really enjoyed the support and co-operation of your company. Best Wishes
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Hello John, My boss owns a Web Design Company and I am the submission analyst for the company. Thanks John, I love your software…..I thank you for all your help,
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John, Some time ago you sent me information on how to work my way through the website to increase the possibility of my web site being in the top ten. I checked ‘Yahoo” and Covenant Farm came up first! Thanks,
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Hello John, I turned my neighbor Nancy on to your submission-spider which she purchased from you and sent me an email telling me how happy she was from seeing some new results at her site. Thank you for taking the time to read and answer this.
-Timothy Wayt

Thanks for the update and keeping me posted. You're one of the few software providers out there who not only offer outstanding support but also prompt information when new versions of the software comes out. This was well worth my investment! And you can quote me. Thanks, again-
-Shawna Newton

Great, thanks for your help John. I don't think I've ever had such excellent and prompt service from any online customer help, a very good service!
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John, Thanks for everything…I can see why you are at the top. I belive in your product and know you can do what you preach.. What a deal..good timing I suppose..Thanks for your reply and help.. I know you are busy, but I admire your personal emails and customer contact. thanks!
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Thank you so much for all your help and personal attention. I will definitely be purchasing your software! Thanks Again!
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John: I have a small computer training company in South Florida and I have a very large clientel of realtors who are always interested in promoting web sites on the net. I was explaining and showing the class how to register with the search engines and I described tools such as your Submission-Spider program. I downloaded it and installed it in front of the class…it worked well!
-David Reid
SoftwareTeacher, Inc.

John, I have to commend you on your fast and thoughtful customer service. I almost think you are a robot. It seems worth the price just to have the sincere customer service that you give. I went to another site that guarantees placement for $3,000 to set up and $300 a month to maintain and update. Your product seems too good to be true. I noticed that you have good search engine placement, so you know what you are doing. I really appreciate the length you go to to support your product, and I wish you the best. Thanks,
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Habitat for Humanity of Suwannee County

John, Thank you very much. I tried out your software and I love it. It is easy to use and very efficient.
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The Redd Group

Dear John: I am very impressed with this. It's so rare for people to follow-up or care if you're happy with their program. Thanks! Regards,
-Jody precisionwest.com

“PHP Programing For Affiliate Marketers”
This book is a must have for anyone wanting to learn PHP basics. For someone like me who is coding illiterate this book laid everything out in a simple easy to follow format. I particularly liked the fact that the explanations were easy to follow and not all in “techo” speak jargon. So if you want to delve into PHP and actually understand what you are doing get your hands on this book.
-Rosemary Gooding
Verified Amazon Purchaser

“PHP Programing For Affiliate Marketers”
I have been a long time affiliate marketer. Johns book has helped me to no end in understanding php, something which I have always struggled with. After reading this book I found it simple to move away from wordpress, saving money on server costs. This book is written in easy to understand language, unlike some that I have attempted to read in the past. If you are an affiliate marketer and want to learn how to setup php websites, then I would recommend this book.
Verified Amazon Purchaser

“PHP Programing For Affiliate Marketers”
I have been creating affiliate sites using the WordPress platform for several years and was looking for a way to reduce the time and cost in creating my sites. John's book has filled that need. In this book he explains, in simple terms, how using php can accomplish this. John explains the php coding, in simple easy to understand language, on how to create a affiliate web site with minimal effort. His tips and techniques make it easy to build sites fast and explains how to use the your first site creation over and over again to match any affiliate program you want to promote. Along with the ease of site creation John explains how his technique will reduce the cost of creating your sites. I recommend this book to anyone interested in creating web sites. Thanks John for creating this book it has helped me TONS and I look forward to any other books you create.
-Mike McDonough
Verified Amazon Purchaser

“PHP Programing For Affiliate Marketers”
I just got this book today and am very excited to have found it. I've been trying to teach myself the things that are covered in this book and I keep getting sidetracked as I feel I need to learn other things. This book is to the point, very well written and keeps you involved. Not what I expected from a
programming book. I do recommend it to anyone who is trying to set up an affiliate web page. I can't wait to use my new skills.
-Jeanette c Jennings
Verified Amazon Purchaser

“PHP Programing For Affiliate Marketers”
This book is a crash course, well maybe a bit more then a crash course on affiliate marketing using PHP to automate things. There are some ingenious ideas to get a site up with thousands of pages using related but different keywords. Using templates and a couple addons the process is pretty much automatic once it's set up. If you do not know PHP or HTML then you may want to learn the basics. This book does go through some of that but knowing more will help, If you are serious about affiliate marketing then this book is a great tool to add to your arsenal.
-Lambert Klein
Verified Amazon Purchaser

“PHP Programing For Affiliate Marketers”
I know a lot about PHP already and I have even written a book about it for those just starting out –>The Joy of PHP: A Beginner's Guide to Programming Interactive Web Applications with PHP and mySQL But I can always learn more, and so can you. So I'm ALWAYS reading. I am happy to report that I learned some great tricks from this book– things that I would not have thought of on my own. What I particularly liked about the book is that it sticks to a specific topic (affiliate marketing) so that the things that John says about PHP have a context that makes them relevant. Nothing is more boring than a book containing an endless list of functions with no idea how or when to use them. John's book is not like that. What John offers instead is “just enough” PHP to solve the problem at hand. John tells an interesting story, and teaches some PHP along the way. I'm glad I read it.
-Alan Forbes
Author “The Joy of PHP”
Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Social Media Marketing Unleashed”
I am into selling online, and one of the areas that I have not really learned about is Social Media. After a quick read of this book, “Social Media Marketing Unleashed”, I can see how it might help me in my business. I am going back and reading more carefully now with the intent of adding more social media promotion to my activities. Thanks John, for a great book.
-Gerald Zimmerman
Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Social Media Marketing Unleashed”
John has done a great job at explaining Social Media Marketing in plain and simple terms for any novice to understand. He makes some great points which throughout the book, teaching the reader that social media isn't rocket science and that you don't need to be a guru to understand it.I would recommend this book to anybody that is new to Social Media Marketing
-Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Social Media Marketing Unleashed”
John has written an easy to read book about social media marketing. He gives an inside into what is important when using social media marketing for a company. He describes the importance of making a plan and how to test things out and also what not to do. I really liked the book and encourage other entrepreneurs to read it.
Verified Amazon Purchaser

“Intro To Ruby For Game Development ”
Hi John, My name is Claire, and I’m a Community Manager here at Skillshare. I wanted to reach out to let you know that your new class has been selected for a featured slot on our Web Development browse page. We think your class is terrific - less than one percent of classes are chosen for these features...
-Claire Smilow
Head of Teacher Operations, Skillshare

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